Peter Hein: Mohanlal is incredible! [Pulimurugan Making Video]
Peter Hein: Mohanlal is incredible! [Pulimurugan Making Video]

Peter Hein: Mohanlal is incredible! [Pulimurugan Making Video]

Mohanlal is incredible, says Peter Hein!
Pulimurugan fever had spread all over Kerala and the film is making waves at the box office. The craze for the movie here is just unbelievable and Mohanlal Mania is ruling Kerala now. Mohanlal’s amazing stunt sequences in the movie is the highlight of the film and people are watching the film again and again to watch those stunt sequences of Mohanlal on Silver Screen. Master fighter Peter Hein had composed the fights for this film and he is getting great appreciations as well for his stunning action choreography for this movie. But Peter Hein says that all credits go to Mohanlal and Mohanlal is just incredible.

Here is the Pulimurugan Making Video! This Making Video contains the Pulimurugan Theme Song “Murugaa Murugaa Pulimuruga”

Peter Hein said that he is a hard taskmaster who really tries to get the maximum out of the artists. Usually, dupes do all the stunts and artists stay away from it. But Mohanlal had done all the fight sequences in the movie by himself without the help of dupes. Peter Hein is amazed by the commitment of this legend at this age. Mohanlal is 56-year-old and he did all those stunts like a 26-year-old man. Peter Hein says that after doing more than nine takes and when he says ok, Mohanlal comes near him and says that if he is not happy then we can take it again. That is what making him a hero in real life too.

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