Samsung's news app UPDAY launched

UPDAY: Samsung’s news delivery app for their devices!

A few months ago, Apple announced their News app which delivers exclusive news service for its mobile customers. Now, the latest news is that Samsung is all set to bring a news delivery app for their devices. The app is named as UPDAY. It will be available only for Samsung devices. For building the app, Samsung makes a partnership with largest European Digital publishers Axel Springer.

The app will feature the contents created by local editors as well as content generated by an algorithm based on the user’s interest. A beta version of the app is released in countries like Germany, Poland and in some European countries where Axel Springer is popular. Of course, this app is a reply to the Apple News app.

UPDAY in its completed form will be available to the customers by early 2016. As time being, Samsung’s news delivery app for their devices is limited European countries.