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Mandharam Review: A Romantic Drama which explores something new

Mandharam Review: A Romantic Drama which explores something new

Mandharam, directed by the debutant named Vijesh Vijay, with Asif Ali in the lead, graced the big screens this Friday. Debutant M Sajas had written the screenplay of this movie and it was produced by Monisha Rajeev and Tinu Thomas under the banner of Magic Mountain Cinemas. Director Vijesh had written the story of this movie and the dialogues were written by M Sajas. The female lead character in this flick was played by Varsha Bollama. The film had generated great hype among the audience with its posters, songs, and teasers.

The plot of this movies revolves around the central character named Rajesh played by Asif Ali and his tryst with love. It tells us how romance changes a person’s perspective towards life and how his grandparents, parents, and friends influence his love life. Just like the title says, the flower named Mandaram has a significance in the plot as well and you will understand it once you watch the movie.

We can say that Vijesh Vijayan had made a decent debut with a watchable romantic movie. It is an out and out romantic movie which tells about love from different angles. The screenplay written by M Sajas is the backbone of this film. The story was very different and the plot situations created by Sajas was very convincing as well as entertaining. Vijesh Vijayan had given a technically brilliant visual language to the screenplay. The dialogues were good too. The first half of the movie was quite entertaining, but the second half was a medium-paced one. The makers tried to explore something new in romance through the plot and they had been able to present it decently.

Asif Ali is surely growing as an actor and slowly becoming a sensational one here in Mollywood. His performance was the soul of this film. He had played the different stages of the central character’s life with conviction and his performance was effortless as well. He sported different getups in the film and the one with the beard was indeed Uber cool. Varsha who played the female lead in the movie had given a matured performance. Others like Anarkali Marikar, Arjun Ashokan, Jacob Gregory, Indrans, Vineeth Viswam, Ganesh Kumar, Nandini etc too did a fine job in the film.

The DOP by Bahul Ramesh was just terrific and he captured the visual beauty of each and every locations at which this movie has been shot. Music by Mujeeb Majeed too was just amazing. Music and visuals blended very well to elevate the feel of this romantic movie to another level. Vivek Harshan is the editor of this flick and he had done a brilliant job as always.

In total, Mandharam is a one-time watchable romantic drama which will satisfy you if you go without the burden of expectation. It can be a different experience for you and surely you can watch Asif Ali in full form.


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