Oru Caribbean Udayippu Review: A Fun-filled thrilling entertainer which will never disappoint you

Oru Caribbean Udayippu Review: A Fun-filled thrilling entertainer which will never disappoint you

Oru Caribbean Udayippu, the movie written and directed by debutant A Joji, is one of the major releases that had graced the screens here in Kerala today. This flick has been bankrolled by RVK Nair under the banner of Karthikeyan Cinemas and a bunch of youngsters played the lead characters in this film. Sudani from Nigeria fame Samuel Robinson, Vishnu Vinay, Vishnu Govind, Aneesh G Menon etc playing the lead characters in this movie. The trailer and songs from this movie got great responses from the audience and that itself had made this movie an anticipated one.

The plot of this movie revolves around the lives of a bunch of college students. It tells the story in the background of a campus. It tells about how a bunch of students forms a music band and then what happens in their life. Some unexpected incidents occur in their life and the film shows how they resolves it in the end. The rivalry between the bands formed by juniors and seniors forms the crux of the plot.

We can say without any doubt that one more promising director had made his debut here in Mollywood. With this movie, A Joji had shown that he has the talent in him to tell stories in a convincing manner. Oru Caribbean Udayippu is an entertainer which has everything in it to make the audience engaged till the very end of the movie. The plot situations were convincing and the dialogues were natural. Each and every character in the plot have their own identity and they all have a significant role to play in the progression of the plot as well. It has comedy, friendship, and thrill in it along with emotional elements. The plot has some depth in it along with the entertainment it offers.

The performance from all the newcomers has been great and it is one of the major highlights of this film. Samuel Robinson has been given a really matured and convincing performance just like he did in Sudani from Nigeria. Others like Vishnu Vinay and Vishnu Govind too had given really cool performances throughout. The female lead characters played by Marina Michael and Megha Mathew had done a great job in the flick as well. Artists like Aneesh G Menon, Rishi Prakash, Kottayam Pradeep, Musthafa, Nandan Unni, Devan, Kochu Preman, Sreejith Ravi etc too did a fine job and played their part to perfection.

Venugopal had given the visuals for this movie and he had done a very good job by creating an atmosphere which helped the director to present the plot in a very convincing manner. The music was scored by Charu Hariharan and the songs played an integral part in making this movie a quality one. Sandeep Nandakumar is the one who edited this flick and his fine cuts had provided the movie with smooth flow and technical perfection.

In total, Oru Caribbean Udayippu is a quality entertainer which will give you a different cinematic experience. It is an entertainer which will never disappoint you if you watch it without the burden of expectations. The movie has everything in it to entertain you and it will not let you down.


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