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Thupparivaalan Movie Review: A mind-blowing thriller which can’t miss from Cinema Halls

Thupparivaalan Movie Review: A mind-blowing thriller which can’t miss from Cinema Halls

Thupparivaalan is the Tamil film which released on last Thursday and it was written and directed by master director Mysskin. Vishal played the lead character in this movie which has been bankrolled by him as well under his production banner named Vishal Film Factory. Apart from Vishal, the lead characters in this movie are played by Vinay, Prasanna, Andrea, Simran, and Anu Emmanuel. It is an investigation thriller or we can call it a detective action thriller movie, inspired from the famous character Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.

The plot of this flick revolves around the central character named Kaniyan Poongundran who is a private detective. He is a kind of detective who takes cases which excites him and not for money. The film begins with showing us two deaths. One is that of a businessman and another of a Police officer. Then comes a boy to meet Kaniyan with a request to find out how his dog died. Kaniyan and his assistant Manu takes up that case which becomes more and more complex later and they find out that it’s not just about a Dog’s death.

We have to say without any doubt that Thupparivaalan is one among the most thrilling movie which came from Tamil in recent times. The caliber of Mysskin had made it one of the best investigation thrillers ever. The screenplay was so tight and convincing. It maintains the thrill and curiosity factor till the very end and also kept the audience on the edge of their seats through the great narration of the events in the plot. The action sequences were mind-blowing and the climax too was really a superb one. There are certain twists and turns in the plot and also the way in which Mysskin presented the violence in an indirect manner shows the caliber of this filmmaker once again. Each and every character had their own identity and space in the plot and there were no unnecessary songs and love tracks in the plot as well.

Thupparivaalan Movie Review

Vishal had given a great performance in it and we can call it one of his best performances in his career. Even though he was a bit patchy in emotional scenes, he had given his all to the character. Vinay who played the antagonist, also delivered a power packed performance in it. Andrea was good and Anu Emmanuel had nothing to do with it. Prasanna too had given a satisfying performance. Other artists also played their part very well to make it a very good cinematic experience.

DOP by Karthik Venkataraman could have been better, but at places, we saw his brilliance as well. The climax portions and especially the fight sequences were shot brilliantly. Background scoring by Arrol Correlli was spectacular as well. Editing was sharp and crisp and the film never lagged to make the audience bored inside the cinema hall. It was engaging to the core even though the length of the film was 2 hour and 40 minutes.
Thupparivaalan Movie Review

In total, Thupparivaalan is a stunning thriller which is a never to miss kind of movie experience, if you are a fan of thrillers. Mysskin and Vishal had given us one of the best flicks in the recent times in terms of its entertainment value and of course for its quality.


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